Invisible Barn                                                                                                        Drift                                                                                                                     Synaesthetic Sense                                                                                    

inflatable Dike Shed                               Embroidery                                            Water Coil                                             Timber Tree                                          Wynwood Table                                    Nov. 2014                                   

dible Detroit                                        Foam Hanger                                          Omnibus City                                        52,700 m3                                             Little Free Library                                 Paper-Berg

East Mountain 2124                              Book Cloud : reading in forest               Rocking Sukkah                                     Green Pencils                                        Mega Core                                             Attic House

                                                                 Switch On &On                                     Parallelogramic Hou(s)tation                 Amphisteps                                           Opera'S                                                 Bungee To The Scar                               n! Mccormicks

Performative Dryer                               Seoul Resonant Scape                            Dual Projections                                     Tokyo Runway                                    Visiting History: Bauhaus                     Selected Computations

Re:Framed                                             Micro Climate                                       Carpet Library                                        Re-Fabricated Sea Scape