Reinforcing                                                                                                          Shear House

                        Invisible Barn                                                                                                      Drift                                                                                                                    Synaesthetic Sense                                                                                    

inflatable Dike Shed                            Embroidery                                          Water Coil                                          Timber Tree                                      Wynwood Table                                    Nov. 2014                                   

dible Detroit                                       Foam Hanger                                       Omnibus City                                     52,700 m3                                         Little Free Library                                Paper-Berg

East Mountain 2124                            Book Cloud : reading in forest          Rocking Sukkah                                  Green Pencils                                    Mega Core                                        Attic House

                                                                 Switch On &On                                    Parallelogramic Hou(s)tation            Amphisteps                                         Opera'S                                               Bungee To The Scar                           n! Mccormicks

Performative Dryer                               Seoul Resonant Scape                    Dual Projections                                 Tokyo Runway                                 Visiting History: Bauhaus                 Selected Computations

Re:Framed                                            Micro Climate                                     Carpet Library                                     Re-Fabricated Sea Scape